After a divisive debut album, earlier this year, the would-be pop star, a precursor to the hip-pop of the 2010s, gained a self-assertive understanding of how to rack up festival appearances at London’s Lovebox, following her occasionally vital album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans. Anna-Catherine Hartley, known as Uffie, is an American songwriter and DJ formerly signed to a music record label, which incorporates acid house electro and nu skool, perhaps best known for “Pop the Glock”, her 2007 collaboration with Justice. Born on 9 December 1987 in Miami, Florida, Uffie is an American/French electro artist signed by Ed Banger Records, raised in Hong Kong and her career took off when she released Pop the Glock and Ready To Uff, while her long-awaited album was released through Because Music on June 15, 2010.

In 2010, her debut album was included on year-end lists and nominated for Best Electronic Album, followed by a hiatus and her EP Tokyo Love Hotel. After the release of Pop The Glock and Ready To Uff, Hot Chick was released, as well as Dismissed, on Ed Rec Vol 2, but then in 2007, First Love and Brand New Car, were released as an EP. “Drugs,” premiered in 2018, and shortly after she dropped “Sad Money”, and her synth-pop combined with rap-like vocals derive from living on a boat until the age of eight, as she resorted to the music of Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd, before she fell in love with hip-hop and the slow beats. The musical artist and producer Uffie made her return after her last release, in 2019, but Myspace is where the French-American producer got her start, though she had previously released Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, as it wasn’t until 2011 when her single spread on Myspace that she started to gain traction.

Uffie was born in Miami to a Japanese mother and she moved to Hong Kong at the age of four, and Uffie is a nickname which comes from the word “œuf”, but she recalls that it started as her parents were saying ‘Enough!’ which is actually un œuf, so by the time her memory begins she was called Uffie. When she was 13, she enrolled at an international school and went on to study at the private school of Esmod, and while Uffie’s years as a musician were a little on the wild side, she matured as an artist in those formative years, changing the focus when she made her return to Los Angeles. Since 2006, there were many delays taking four years, and she states that the main delays included traveling schedules, and her divorce to a successful graffiti artist, as well as her pregnancy leaded to a brief hiatus to grow as an artist.

Two months ago, Uffie reactivated her Facebook page and went back to the studio to continue for the 200,000 fans while living in Seattle, ready to record after her divorce, by going to a showcase by Blanco’s label, where she met Ammar Malik.

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