The boatload of music makes it a challenge to learn about the big acts, so we’re running down the up-and-coming singers who represent the music trends so that when festivals begin releasing their lineups you can expect these most anticipated acts. Before we find out the 2019 top, we spoke to some experts about the year ahead, and came up with some predictions according to a number of artists, DJs and journalists. The game is still accelerating thanks to the voracious audiences and hip-hop’s DNA is mutating as there is a plethora of names and the path from anonymity is now much simpler.

These are the new artists of music flooding the airwaves, special catalysts of the musical landscape we believe have gone viral, although some of them took a traditional path, from trap to techno. We think female-made music will become more inclusive, as a status quo, as it will be a more creative playing field with a lot of novelty, and women will be reviewed and respected more as artists. These days, folk is difficult as the list consists of veterans as well as newcomers, although it seems the new faces are paving their own path, at least by today’s standards, so as we look ahead, newcomers to folk and bluegrass are bending the definition of traditional folk.

Chart success for underground will become more common with albums and big projects from the likes of Aitch and there’s also a surge which is taking the sting out of the stereotypes, while albums will get longer. In case you would like to know who will be 2019’s breakout, you ought to know that we’ve been analyzing industry data and selected the rappers and bands poised for greatness, so whether you’re into R&B, K-pop or Latin, here are our artists to watch for. One of the most important things has been the number of Spanish-language entries, so the Latin music is concerned that “urban” music racks up stream counts and will no longer be seen as profitable, abandoned by the mainstream.

1. Courtney Hadwin
Born in 2004, she is best known for the thirteenth season of the competition America’s Got Talent.

2. Kodie Shane
The 19-year-old’s exposure to the industry made her serious about her natural talent for cadence, coupled with her ability to write candy-sweet rap and more emotional songs, setting her apart from the new rappers, and it’s all well earned.

3. Normani
Born in Atlanta, her duet with Khalid topped the Billboard Top chart.

4. Cuban Doll
With her debut Aaliyah Keef, the 19-year-old urges you to just take a listen with her crazy social media following.

5. Allison de Groot and Tatiana Hargreaves
De Groot is one of the best banjoists, and Hargreaves toured with Gillian Welch, which is why together, they’ll officially be in a partnership with their debut of reckless sounds of Appalachian music that emphasizes this can’t-miss pair.

6. Parker McCollum
McCollum isn’t afraid to venture into the perception of love-hate affair with a series of EPs.

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